What is Communication?

Communication is the ability to share information and receive information from others. We communicate to seek and provide understanding to and from others. When we struggle with communication, it can lead to feeling confused, misunderstood, and alone. In addition, when we misunderstand others, it can lead to high levels of confusion and conflict.


How can therapy help me with my communication?

Psychotherapy can help you learn to communicate more effectively. In therapy, you can learn communication techniques, including identifying unspoken expectations and feelings to be able to speak clearly about your thoughts, needs, and wants. You can also learn to build trust with people by improving listening skills, overcoming problems caused by miscommunication, and handling conflict within relationships in healthy ways. Additionally, your ability to share your thoughts effectively and clearly can also support you in building confidence and self-trust. Communication can also reduce anxiety, stress, and anger. Communication can always be learned and improved. The most rewarding aspect of it is being able to build a fulfilling life by using it.

Areas of Focus

Development of healthy boundaries

Romantic relationship difficulties

Alternative relationships navigation

Family relationship difficulties

Session's Information

Online sessions are 60 minutes: where 50 minutes are allocated to discuss your concerns with your therapist, and 10 minutes are allocated for your therapist’s administrative tasks.


Online Individual therapy is $130 + HST/GST 


Folks from all walks of life are welcome

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