What is Self-awareness?

Self-awareness is being able to observe your emotions, thoughts, and actions through introspection and reflection. Self-awareness helps us gauge how our behaviors align with our internal standards, values, and beliefs.

How can therapy help with self-awareness?

In therapy, we work to continue building the skill of self-awareness through the exploration of emotions, thoughts, and actions. We explore these with the objective to learn about our strengths, weaknesses, ideals, and goals. Additionally, we are able to recognize the effect that we have on others and that others have on us. In therapy, we explore ways to manage emotions, identify thoughts and ultimately take action based on our values. Through self-awareness, we are able to build compassion, patience, understanding, and direction. Consequently, finding ways to bring satisfaction into our lives.

Areas of focus

Personal and professional difficulties

Personal and professional development

Value-based living


Poor sleep

Session's Information

Online sessions are 60 minutes: where 50 minutes are allocated to discuss your concerns with your therapist, and 10 minutes are allocated for your therapist’s administrative task.


Online Individual therapy is $130 + HST/GST.


Folks from all walks of life are welcome.

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